As a professional blogger, you need a flexible platform that shows your personal brand. You need to tell your story using an easy to manage content system. You need to know that site support is available to help you stand out in a competitive digital landscape.

We know this because we’ve been working with professional bloggers for years, and that’s why we recommend WordPress.

We offer a WordPress web design service that addresses the specific challenges faced by the pro-blogger community.

We create content-led, tailor-made designs for those bloggers who have outgrown their existing platform, and are looking to elevate themselves above the rest.

Tailor-made WordPress sites for fashion and lifestyle bloggers

We’re experienced in working with professionals in the fashion and lifestyle community. We love that professional bloggers in this area typically come to us with an established brand aesthetic that they are looking to grow with a new site. We can advise you on your design ideas, talking through what works well and what could be optimised to achieve the look and feel you have in mind.

Helping UXPress your creativity

“It’s no exaggeration to say that I literally wouldn’t be able to do my job without UXPress. They’re quick, efficient, excellent value and helped me create a website I feel really proud to call my own.”

Pandora Sykes



We’ll install any pre-bought theme on your hosting and offer 1 hour training to ensure you know how to manage it.



We’ll design and build a tailored WordPress site to your requirements following the process above, and offer 2 hours training to ensure you know how to manage it.



Add our hosting package to either of the above for £7.50 per month.

We offer support at £50 per hour. We can make tweaks to your site and ensure plugins are updated and secure.

We’ll migrate your old blog from or Blogger/ Blogspot for free.

*Prices exclude VAT (where applicable)

Supporting professional bloggers in fashion and lifestyle

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